Inline Sliding Patio Doors

PatioMaster – High quality and craftsmanship

Bringing more light into your home with a patio door can make it feel larger and more open. It can change the way you live and your relationship with your outside spaces.

But it’s essential to choose the right door.

You need a style that works with the way you live, quality that will last, security that keeps your home and possessions safe, and energy efficient performance to ensure year-round comfort.

PatioMaster is the expert in bespoke doors. Every hand-finished door is unique, built by craftsmen to exceptional standards. When choosing a patio door, you have some important decisions to make – but one of those decisions is easy. When you choose PatioMaster, you’re choosing the best.



    See more about PatioMaster with our multipage brochure.


    PatioMaster offers a range of door types, each of which opens in a different way:

    • In-line sliding patio doors
    • Triple Track doors
    • Folding sliding doors.

    Each type can be configured to suit your home, its size, aspect and location. When you’ve chosen the layout, the finish and the hardware, your door will be unique, but every door we produce will carry the hallmarks of PatioMaster quality and craftsmanship.


    All PatioMaster doors are available in your choice of finish as well as classic white.

    Our coloured PVC-U frames use top-quality permanently bonded foils which are fully guaranteed. As well as wood effect finishes, we offer a wide selection of colours and a mixture of flat and grained textures. For those who prefer a different style indoors and out, there are dual colour options.

    Aluminium frames are powder coated to provide a durable and attractive finish.


    The triple-track style offers more flexibility than a conventional patio door because more of the individual panes can slide. Once opened, up to three panes can be stacked neatly behind each other. It’s tidy and it saves space – with a Triple Track, you don’t need to move furniture, either indoors or on the patio when you want to really open up your home.

    Triple Track doors can be built with 3, 4, 5 or 6 sliding panes, and it’s possible to have a maximum opening of a full two-thirds of the total span. Compared to a bifolding style, there are fewer vertical frames to break the view and an improved glass to frame ratio which can increase the light entering a home by as much as 25 per cent.

    PatioMaster Triple Track doors are made from durable, impact resistant PVC-U which means ensuring consistency with the style of windows and other doors is easy.


    • Our doors use high-performance multipoint locking systems which incorporate a patented interlock shootbolt mechanism and a one-piece keep
    • We use a unique, dual-purpose anti-lift mechanism which prevents panes being levered from the frame
    • Our locking handles are chosen for their robust build quality and utilise advanced lock cylinders designed to resist attack.

    Secured by Design

    Secured by Design is a UK Police approved scheme which recognises products with enhanced security features.

    Most PatioMaster dealers are equipped to offer this accreditation with doors that feature:

    • Interlock bolts which lock the sliding panel to the fixed one, preventing the two being forced apart.
    • Security head rail which runs across the top of the opening panel to stop it being lifted from the track.
    • Security keep rail which supports the sliding door at each corner.
    • PAS 24 handle designed to withstand sustained manual attack, highly secure with an enhanced back-plate.
    • Anti-bump cylinder designed to prevent the lock cylinder being bumped.