A modern chamfered system.

Our C70 window has long been a market leader and a barometer for technical excellence. This design offers a subtle chamfer at the edge, which is perfect for the requirements of modern living where clean lines match the nature of the home or apartment design. There’s also the offer of several different colours including the on trend options of Anthracite Grey or Painswick (Agate Grey).

This window can also be made available with casement horns and Georgian bars, for a more period appearance, bolstered by the options of Irish and Golden Oak lifelike foiled finishes. It’s also a window that offers incredible levels of energy efficiency for a 70 mm deep window with a market leading U w-value of 1.3 W/(m²K) and it also offers impressive sound reduction properties to 42 dB.



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C70 Gold® is a 5-chambered, highly energy efficient, chamfered window and door system, that’s been designed specifically for the UK market. With the option of a number of foiled finishes from stock, there’s a wide range of choice for the installation company and discerning consumer.

Colour Options

It is the windows that are decisive in lending your building that unique and unmistakable character. Besides size and shape, the colour scheme in particular and elegance of the materials play a vital role.

KÖMMERLING 70 is your key to a playground of huge design potential. This universal system offers an unrivalled number of finishes whether for new buildings or as a solution matching the style of renovated historical buildings. Specifically, architects, local design partners and installers find in this system the maximum freedom they need to design a new look to the fabric of any property or apartment.

Helping to keep out the noise.

How about considering new windows from the perspective of noise? This aspect is often neglected in window purchase decisions, yet sound insulation is essential to your family’s health. This is because subjectively annoying external noise can be a source of stress, distraction and disruption to your daily life.

KÖMMERLING 70 protects you and your family from noise pollution. Its innovative profile sealing technology in conjunction with sound-insulating glazing, ensures a peaceful and quiet living environment, even when you live close to a busy road. Compared with other 70 mm windows, it also offers better sound reduction characteristics.

Helping to secure your home.

Burglars often break into houses through windows, balconies and patio doors. KÖMMERLING 70 offers you protection against intruders because the window is designed to accommodate anti-burglary fittings, safety glass and the latest 3 Star security cylinders.

As a result, it is far more difficult for a burglar to break open the window or smash the glass. KÖMMERLING 70 in conjunction with the window and door operating hardware deters intruders and helps to keep your home safe and secure.